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A New Way to Look at Your World

About me

Ciao,  my name is Chiara and I am originally from Italy.

I am a General Surgeon and a Transformative Coach.

Since about 15 years I am an Expat, living in Europe and South East Asia. During this time, I have completed my training in General Surgery, working in several hospitals, opened up a start-up, managed properties trade and certified as a Transformative Coach. And of course I have taken care of my family, consisting of three girls, my husband, a golden retriever dog and a horse.

My interest in the physical and emotional well-being of people has always been the drive in my life. Living in different countries, meeting new people and getting to know their culture have helped me change my point of view when necessary and gave me insight in how people are influenced by their environment and social set up.

With twenty years of experience in the medical sector I have learnt  that unique problems demand a unique solution. A new perspective might help finding it, a second opinion or a different viewpoint can help you look forward with a renewed positive attitude.

I can help you find a new path, a new perspective or maybe just help you gain confidence in the decisions you already made.

Discover Transformative Coaching

What is it?

It is a method of coaching, created by Coach Master Academy, that aims to help you progress in a new mindset, more positive and fulfilling.

I can help you reach your better potential, acquiring more self awareness , clarity and confidence.

Personal and Life Coaching

If you feel like been at a crossroad in your life or floating, if you are facing a hardship that seems insurmountable, or you need a moment to regroup. I can help you find the answers you didn’t knew you already had. 

Executive Coaching

Your team members can unlock their potential through a new and positive mindset, that changes their attitude and approach at life and business in a stable and long lasting way .

Chiara is a Certified Professional Transformational Coach – PCC Level (ICF Standards).

Sessions can be held in person in Singapore and Virtually Worldwide